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Internationalisation: we practice what we preach!

Global thinking is top priority. By striving for interculturally aware students, we help them to gain stronger experiences abroad. If we, as professors want to actively participate in this globalizing world and be a leading example to students through being open minded, we will have to permanently invest in international exchange of knowledge and experiences. ProXchange gives this a practical dimension. 


This platform is especially designed for you to build your global network of professors with whom you can share information, knowledge, expertise and ambitions.



This platform is open and accessible to university professors worldwide. It offers a safe environment with no SPAM and yet maximum flexibility.


By using LinkedIn, creating an account is easy. Otherwise  use your own mail server and access the world in 3 minutes only. 


Knowledge is like money: for it to be of value it must circulate. (Louis L'Amour)

With proXchange, university professors can easily find each other based on expertise and ambitions. They share information, give each other tips, start joint projects, and could even arrange guest lectures themselves, short or long-term, in accordance with their educational institutions. 

#1 First and only global professorship community.

Every time you connect there are endless opportunities to find colleagues and share ideas and tips.  

#2 Create value through sharing

Let contacts, information, experiences, knowledge and suggestions flow freely and develop yourself as a creative and innovative professor.

#3 Critical mass Community

Joint initiatives in international education and research will reinforce both global professionalization ánd internationalization.

#4 Professor-to-Professor

All contacts are directly professor to professor. That makes it fast and efficient at the same time.

#5 Tremendous spin-off

Professors, their colleagues, the universities, the education, the research and not to forget, the students: all will benefit. We call that an ultimate win-win.

#6 Real international education

Education heads to an authentic and actual international shift, offering students a top-quality learning environment. 

#7 Motivation, drive and enthusiasm

proXchange boosts the motivation, expands horizons and improves professionalization, allowing students to benefit from real international education. 

#8 Sustainable, long term co-operation

More strategic and sustainable relationships between the partner institutions is facilitated and secured.

#9 Simple and effective

Simple to use, effective at the same time, no further investment other than the time you want to put into it.

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I cannot log-in. What should I do?

Antwoord: Use your own mailserver.

I don’t have a LinkedIn account. What to do?

That is no problem at all. Click on log-in to make an account, fill in the form, upload your picture and your profile is ready.

I don’t lecture at a University. Can I still join?

Unfortunately, this webportal was designed for professors of Universities (of Applied Sciences).

I don’t work at a University but would like to get in touch with the professors. Can I get access to the profiles?

At the moment, the portal is primarily for professorship exchange. We hope you can find other ways to get in touch.